Cherish Life

This is an OUTREACH Ministry Group designed to address the areas of respecting life in accordance with the fundamentals of Catholic Social teaching.

Although abortion is a big and very important part of this, respecting life goes beyond abortion and encompasses areas that affect all ages and all of God’s creation.

We, at St. John XXIII, are want to address all of these areas through outreach and providing information to keep everyone informed on the current issues, the Church’s stance on them and what the Church has to offer. This is a very big area, so we will do our best to address what we can – we will be constantly moving to improve and add information regarding the various issues in Catholic Social teaching. Bring your talents and passion to this ministry and help us to bring back the dignity of all life and creation.

Protection for the Unborn
Stem Cell Research
The Poor & Vulnerable
Racial Injustices
Capital Punishment
Assisted Suicide
End of Life Decisions

This ministry is very diverse, and can use help in many areas of talent, knowledge and ability, and various amounts of time, from just a few minutes whenever you are available to consistent weekly or monthly amounts. See below for more details.

Living Wills/Organ Donation
Global Warming
Care for the Planet
Birth Control
Rights of Workers


These are the ways that our Parish is currently working to participate in Pro-Life in this Ministry. Our plans are to continue to move forward in adding more activities and outreach over the course of time.


Parish Pro-Life Awareness
Displaying and distributing information on the various parts that comprise Pro-Life through table displays in the hall and verbal communications after Sunday Masses.

Help is needed to assist with:
Setting up the tables/Preparing information
Manning the tables after Sunday Masses
Researching for articles, brochures, ideas to be used


Month of Mary Prayer and Healing
Special prayers and a night of Prayer & Healing Service to honor children lost through abortion, miscarriage, stillbirth, early infant death, suicide, or other loss AND prayers and healing for parents, grandparents, siblings, family, and friends who have experienced this loss

Help is needed to assist with:
Preparation & Setting up the Prayer service night
Participating in helping at the service
Reaching out to those in need/Offering special prayers


National Day of Remembrance of Aborted Children
A memorial service coordinated with other memorial sites across the country to honor and pray for all the victims of abortions, including anyone who may have participated in any way, and to pray for an end to the aborting of the innocent unborn.

Help is needed to assist with:
Various aspects in the planning & implementing of the event
including obtaining speakers, preparing supplies, setting up the memorial site, participating in prayer, getting the word out, documenting and taking pictures, etc.


Respect Life Month
A month of prayer, reflections, and action steps in coordination with the United States Conference for Catholic Bishops (USCCB) Respect Life Month.

Help is needed to assist with:
Preparing information, researching, distributing information

More information on any of the Pro-Life issues OR
More information about this ministry

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