Marriage and Weddings

Unity, permanent lifelong commitment, and openness to having and caring for children are essential to marriage.

The Catechism teaches that Christ’s grace in the Sacrament of Marriage protects the essential purposes of marriage: the good of the couple and the generation and education of children. These purposes are protected and fostered by the permanence of the marriage bond and the mutual fidelity of the spouses.

There are attempts by some in contemporary society to change the definition or understanding of what exactly constitutes marriage. Efforts to gain approval for and acceptance of same-sex unions as marriages are examples. While the Church clearly teaches that discrimination against any group of people is wrong, efforts to make cohabitation, domestic partnerships, same-sex unions, and polygamous unions equal to marriage are misguided and also wrong. The Church and her members need to continue to be a strong and clear voice in protecting an understanding of marriage, which is rooted in natural law and revealed in God’s law.

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Arrangements should be made with our Parish Priest one year (and not less than 6 months) prior to the wedding. Wedding dates cannot be secured until the engaged couple meets with the Parish Priest. To avoid any conflict with our weekend celebrations, no wedding will be celebrated after 1:30 p.m. on a Saturday and no weddings are scheduled on Sundays.

For information on requesting to be married in our parish, please contact the Parish Office.

Click here for an information booklet on our marriage procedures.

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