Be Engaged

Serving God through ministry in His Church bears fruit in the growth of the minister, the Parish and God’s Kingdom.  This growth is in our character and in other spiritual aspects that we can’t readily see – such as a closer, deeper relationship with God, and becoming a disciple.  We are stretching ourselves in our virtues – such as obedience, humility, service, charity, sacrifice and dependence on God – to be the person that God created us to be so that we can be a light for others.

Ministries take volunteering one step deeper towards love of neighbor and helping others. They are opportunities to get involved and help the parish with its activities and services, with the attitude of serving God and the parish.

Our parish offers many ways to share your talents, gifts, and time through ministries, outreach (mission), and formation. These programs provide opportunities for a large variety of interests and abilities, as well as various time commitments to meet the needs of as many parishioners as possible, so that everyone is able to get involved.

View all the areas that adults can share their talents and time to serve our Parish.

View all the areas that youth can share their talents and grow in service.

Outreach takes “ministries” into the community and beyond.

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