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Ministries that contribute to the functioning of the Mass. The ministries are divided into several groups, and some are used for parish events as well.


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Includes the ministries that take care of the behind the scenes operations – keeping our church and surroundings aesthetically beautiful and pleasing to the eye, making God’s Word available to everyone through technology, and preparing the sacred vessels and objects used before, during, and after the Mass.


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Includes the ministries that welcome and assist each person coming to Mass and/or other services and events at SJ23 Parish – parking , welcoming, ushers, and cafe.


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Includes the ministries that participate in the celebration of the Mass by assisting the priest during the Mass and helps to coordinate the Offertory Presentation – From altar servers to lectors, Eucharistic ministers, choir, and offertory coordinators


Youths serve as mentors or helpers in youth programs.

Kids Liturgy of the World Youth Mentors

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Includes the ministries that pray the Rosary in various settings, including prior to Mass, at funerals, or other locations/events.

Kids Liturgy of the Word Storytellers

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Includes the ministry teams that serve as intercessors for Unbound Ministry healing.

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Allows youth to learn to become leaders, to understand and troubleshoot community/world social problems, and to reach out to help others in need in the parish, community, and beyond.

God Squad

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Includes the ministries that assists with the operations in the parish office – answering phones, filing, counting contributions, and other tasks.

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