Technology Teams

Technology plays an important role in enhancing the Mass and reaching outside the walls so that people can experience the environment through the senses, receive parish information, and can participate in the parish and the Mass when they cannot physically be there. 

Technology teams bring our modern-day capabilities to the church to broaden our abilities in reaching everyone & heightening our experiences in worship & serving.

These teams work mainly behind the scenes in various capacities. The Kiosk team may have some interaction in helping others utilize the Kiosk in the Hall.

  • Do you enjoy working with computers?
  • Do you like creating an environment using lights and cameras?
  • Do you enjoy working with software?
  • Do you enjoy working with video files?
  • Can you spare 10 minutes after Mass or an hour during Mass a couple times a month?
  • Can you spare a couple hours per week (or according to your schedule) to work with software or video files?


Operate A/V equipment during Mass for lights, sound, video streaming
May assist with video capture and editing

Church Tech is done during the weekend Masses and can take about an hour – occasionally needed for shooting parish short videos.

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Maintaining the software for the Kiosk in the Hall
May be needed to assist others with using Kiosk

Kiosk Tech prepares slides for the information Kiosk and the software for the laptops for guests to access and enter information in the Hall – normally takes about an hour a week, plus maybe 10 minutes after weekend Mass to assist others if needed.

Since there is a potential for children to part of many of these ministries, or to be at the parish, all ministers should obtain clearances according to the Diocese Safe Environment Program.

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