Sacrament of Reconciliation

Also called Penance or Confession, Reconciliation consists of a careful examination of conscience; contrition and the determination not to sin again; confession of one’s sins to the priest; and the carrying out of certain acts of penance to repair the damage caused by sin.

First Reconciliation is celebrated by our children prior to the celebration of First Communion. A religious education process and group sessions (Formation) is done prior to receiving the Sacrament.

A special process is available for Catholic adults and older children who have never celebrated Reconciliation.

This Sacrament should then be used periodically….
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The effects of Penance are reconciliation with God and forgiveness of sins; reconciliation with the Church; recovery of the state of grace; remission of the eternal punishment for mortal sins, and remission, at least in part, of the temporal punishment which is the consequence of sin; peace, serenity of conscience and spiritual consolation; and an increase of spiritual strength for the struggle of Christian living.

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