Prayer Teams

Persistent prayer brings amazing grace, grace that we need to live each day.  God’s power is released into human lives through this channel of grace – helping us in our weaknesses and in combatting the spiritual warfare in our lives and the lives of those around us. 

Prayer Teams allow us to pray in the way we feel called and that meet our current abilities, in order to bring God closer to us and to those in need.

These teams mainly work behind the scenes or from home in your own time. Certain Novenas and Rosaries are done in groups, some in a public place.

  • Do you enjoy communicating with God?
  • Do you feel called to help but don’t know how or what to do?
  • Is your life too hectic to join ministries?
  • Are you homebound?
  • Can you spare 2 minutes a day or more?
  • Can you spare up to 45 minutes to an hour at periodic time frames?


Pray the Rosary in various settings and for various purposes

Rosary Teams consist of praying the Rosary in several different settings – Join in as you are able, to whichever setting(s) you feel called. Usual duration is about 30 minutes – and you can pray from home if you are not able to make it at a particular time.

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Pray Novenas once a month or special occasions

Novenas are normally prayed once a month in a group together, either at the church or at a specified location, or can be prayed from home – usual duration is 45 minutes to an hour. There are also special Novenas that are prayed at certain Liturgical seasons.


Praying prayers for specific intercessions for others

Intercessor Teams pray either daily or at specified times for parish events, specific causes, intensions for others, etc, and can take anywhere from 2 minutes to however long you are able. These are normally prayed from home at your own convenience.


Praying for the well-being and holiness of a particular clergy of a parish or diocese.

Seven Sisters Teams dedicate an hour per week to pray a Holy Hour of prayers for the specific purpose of a certain parish priest, bishop, retired priest, etc in a groups of seven – each group prays for their own specific clergy. This is done individually on a day chosen by the group member and at a time convenient to the person.


Participate in some form of fasting, in conjunction with Seven Sisters prayers, for a particular clergy of a parish or diocese

Fasting Brothers dedicate one day per week in some type of fasting of the individual’s choice for the clergy member chosen for their particular group, in conjunction with the prayers of the Seven Sisters.


Participate in intercessory prayer for someone in need during Unbound sessions

Unbound Intercessors work in teams of 2-3 during an Unbound Prayer Session to assist the person in revealing the root of their problem and praying for their healing. Sessions normally last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the setting and each particular case – usually about an hour.

Since there is a potential for children to part of many of these ministries, or to be at the parish, all ministers should obtain clearances according to the Diocese Safe Environment Program.

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