Parish Registration Page


to St. John XXIII Parish

Thank you for your interest in information on becoming a member of St. John XXIII Parish

To receive an application or obtain more information, please call the Parish Office at 570-225-7410

How does this process work?

Call the Parish Office to obtain an application. The application will be mailed to you.

Please complete the application – make sure to fill in all the questions – then return the application by mail or drop it off at the office.

Once we receive the application, someone will contact you to confirm that we have received it. Please make sure we are aware if you are from another faith and you will need the Catholic Sacraments.

You will receive a welcome packet in the mail, inviting you to come and meet with us to be introduced to the parish and the staff.

Once all the information is processed into the system, you will receive collection envelopes in the mail.

If you are new to the Catholic faith, or will need any of the Sacraments, please make sure that we are aware and we will speak to you about the necessary preparation to receive the Sacrament(s).

Parish Office
(570) 225-7410

We look forward to having you as a member and growing with you in our faith.

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