Mass Teams

The Mass Teams work together to enhance the Word of God through a display of reverence, beauty, and joy throughout the Mass.  It leads to a conscious, active, full participation of the faithful both in body and mind that nurtures the spiritual development of the worshipping community. 

Make practical aspects of the Mass flow more smoothly by assisting the priest during the celebration of the Mass with tasks that help him perform the Mass rituals and by performing tasks that add reverence to the Mass.

These teams mainly work in the forefront during Mass. The Sacristan works before the Mass begins in preparation, and the Offertory Guide works exclusively with the parishioners participating in the Offertory Procession.

  • Do you enjoy being an active part in Mass?
  • Do you like setting up for an event or guiding others in procedures?
  • Would you enjoy bringing Jesus to others?
  • Do you like reading for others?
  • Do you enjoy singing?
  • Can you spare an extra 10 minutes before Mass ?
  • Can you spare an extra 1-2 hours per month to bring Jesus to the homebound?
  • Can you share your talents and generosity by assisting with the rituals of the Mass?


Assisting the priest with the tasks for the Mass rituals

Altar servers perform several functions during the Mass, including in the processions at the beginning and end. The additional time needed is 20 minutes prior to Mass for preparing.


Using singing skills to participate in choir
Using singing skills to sing as a cantor

The Choir/Cantor Team performs during Masses on the weekend, and some special Masses, including funerals – usually 30 minutes prior to Mass, the duration of Mass, and one hour practice weekly.


Assist the priest with administering the Holy Eucharist
Taking the Holy Eucharist to the homebound monthly

The Eucharistic Ministers assist the priest in administering the Holy Eucharist to the congregation during Mass, and also to the homebound for monthly visits – usually for about 1-2 hours a month plus Mass.

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Reading the Scripture during the Mass

The Lector reads the Sacred Scripture for the congregation during Mass – arriving 15 minutes prior to the start of Mass to prepare.


Choosing 2-3 guests to present the Offertory Gifts to the altar
Guiding & encouraging the presenters with the procedure

The Offertory Guide Team invites 2-3 guests to participate in the procession and prepares them with the procedure prior to the start of Mass, and guides them at the Offertory Procession – arriving 20-30 minutes before the start of Mass.


Setting up the Sacred Vessels & Books used during the Mass
Lighting the altar candles

Sacristans prepare the tray for the Eucharistic Rites and the books for the Lectors before Mass and basic cleanup afterward – usually taking 10-20 minutes before and after Mass.

Since there is a potential for children to part of many of these ministries, or to be at the parish, all ministers should obtain clearances according to the Diocese Safe Environment Program.

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