Hospitality Teams

The greeting and authentic care make all the difference in helping to make parishioners and guests feel welcome as they arrive. Socialization builds relationships, which is important in a Parish to strengthen the Parish, promote family, and build God’s kingdom.  These deep relationships enable parishioners and guests to have a sense of belonging and comfort. 

Hospitality teams create a comfortable and welcoming environment that brings a sense of belonging to all.

These teams interact with others in various aspects, usually upon first arrival of a parishioner or guest. The Café Team encourages socialization after Mass or during events.

  • Do you enjoy interacting with others or engaging in conversations?
  • Do you like being friendly?
  • Do you enjoy assisting others or providing refreshments?
  • Can you spare 30-40 minutes before Mass or 20-30 minutes after Mass?
  • Can you spare 30 minutes before and after special events?
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Assist with keeping the parking lot safe
Assist with parking efficiently for best use of parking spaces

The Parking Team serves before and after Masses or special events – usually for about 40 minutes before and 10-20 minutes after.

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Greet people on entering – offer church bulletins
Greet people on leaving

Welcoming begins before Mass or events – usually for about 30-40 minutes before the start time and for about 5 minutes at the end.


Greet people as they enter the seating area & assist with seating
Participate in Offertory collection

Ushers greet people and assist with seating if necessary – usually starting about 30 minutes beforehand. During Mass, ushers also participate in the Offertory Collection and preparing the collection for the Presentation to the altar.

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Set up and clean up refreshment area
Encourage conversation and socialization

The Café Team spends about 20-30 minutes before and after an event or Mass to set up refreshments and clean up, and encourages socialization during Café times.

Since there is a potential for children to part of many of these ministries, or to be at the parish, all ministers should obtain clearances according to the Diocese Safe Environment Program.

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