Environment Teams

Cleanliness, orderliness, and beauty are vital to creating a relaxing environment where people feel comfortable worshipping.   The love and care that goes into maintaining the environment is consistent with God’s love and care for us, and brings comfort and glorifies God. 

Environment teams keep our church, hall, and surroundings clean, beautiful and decorated, with everything in its proper place and supplies replenished – also help to prepare for parish events.

These teams mainly work behind the scenes. The TLC team works after Masses and may also work before, during, and after events.

  • Do you enjoy cleaning or tidying?
  • Do you like being outdoors and gardening?
  • Do you enjoy decorating?
  • Can you spare 10 minutes after Mass or 2-3 hours once a month on a weekday?
  • Can you spare a few hours in the Spring & 10 minutes periodically for landscaping?


Routine cleaning of the church & hall
Cleaning to prepare for special events

Cleaning is normally done once a month after morning Mass and can take about 2-3 hours – the more ministers available, the quicker the cleaning.

brown wooden brush on black plastic container
Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com


Tidying up after Masses
Occasional tidying during and after events

Tidying up takes about 5-10 minutes after Mass – making sure everything is tidy and in its proper place, including kneelers, Mass Hymnals, left behind items, trash.


Setting up & removing holiday decorations
Occasional setting up & breaking down areas for parish events

Decorating time varies, depending on the occasion and number of ministers – usually takes about 2-4 hours for setting up and removing. You decide what you are able to do timewise and task-wise.


Spring clean-up and maintaining the church grounds
Removing foliage for the off-season

Landscaping care involves mulching and trimming in the Spring – taking approximately 2-4 hours. Occasional care throughout the year about 10-15 minutes, in maintaining cleanliness and order in the landscaping.

Since there is a potential for children to part of many of these ministries, or to be at the parish, all ministers should obtain clearances according to the Diocese Safe Environment Program.

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