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Creighton Model FertilityCare System

This system of family planning approved by the Catholic Church, can be used to both achieve and avoid pregnancy with amazing accuracy. 

In the June 1998 issue of the Journal of Reproductive Medicine, a large use-effectiveness study of the CrMS revealed that this system is 99.5% effective in avoiding pregnancy. When used to achieve pregnancy in couples of normal fertility, the effectiveness is 76% in the first cycle of use and 98% by the sixth cycle. 

Coupled with the medical technology of NaProTECHNOLOGY, this system is three times more effecitve than IVF in helping couples with infertility achieve a healthy pregnancy in a way that is morally acceptable in the eyes of the Catholic Church.

Women now have an opportunity to know and understand the causes of the symptoms from which they may suffer. The Creighton Model offers real solutions to the gynecologic health problems women face including:

Menstrual Cramps                                                                 
Ovarian Cysts 
Hormonal Abnormalitites
Repetitive Miscarriage
Postpartum Depression               
Irregular and Abnormal Bleeding 
...and other health problems